Corporate Development

In a highly regulated industry, guideline changes frequently disrupt the traditional ways of how life science companies operate. Our corporate development services are aimed at helping our Clients, no matter how small they are, navigate through the changes in full compliance by establishing a viable operational structure that is easy to maintain and adjust as needed.

Proactive Approach

Corporate strategy has direct impact on overall performance. We believe it is critical, even for spin-offs and startups, to define a long-term corporate development plan inclusive of strategic issues and opportunities that could influence business growth and quality. By setting up a reliable operational structure that complements their clinical development strategy our Clients position themselves for positive outcomes.


- Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

· Assessment

· Development

· Implementation

· Test and continuous review

- Review of current SOPs against existing regulations

- Determination of suitable business model and outsourcing strategy

- Establishment of strategic partnership network tailored to your business needs

- Market analysis, assessment of emerging industry trends and identification of strategic corporate needs

- Development of operational structure aimed at attracting investment capital